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  • February 5, 2022
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Capasecca Luxury Yacht is the first charter company accepting Bitcoin

Capasecca Luxury Yacht is the first Italian Yacht Company offering the possibility to pay with Bitcoin for charter and services, thanks to Coin Base platform.
Let’s see in detail how this is possible and how you can pay online with Bitcoins.

The Coin Base Platform for payment with Bitcoin
can be settled with a business account connected with CoinBase commerce, where Capasecca Yacht is registered.

Coin Base is a company founded in 2012, based in San Francisco, USA, offering a professional and secure exchange service of digital gods.
It is possible to purchase Bitcoin and many other cryptovalutes such as Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptos.

Main advantages in paying with Bitcoin

The positive aspects of paying with Bitcoin are the following:

  • The payment system is officially accepted in Europe
  • No commission appliedPayment can be done everywhere
  • Direct control on any transaction
  • Highest safety standards thanks to the use of a secure encrypted system
  • Possibility to make international payment
  • Immediate transfer of the value. The bitcoin transfer can only be authorized by the account owner
  • Bitcoin exchanges are completely anonymous, covered by a nickname
  • There is no intermediation of banks and credit institutes
  • Updated quotes, based on offer and demand
  • High security against hacker’s attack.

A list of famous international brands accepting Bitcoin

Many famous international brands including Capasecca Yacht, which is the first one in the field of charter and yacht service accepting this type of payment, are now offering the possibility to international clients to pay with Bitcoin: Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, Coca-Cola in Australia and New Zealand, Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, Starbucks, Fast Private Jet for exclusive travels on board private luxury aircraft.

Thebusinessman Elon Musk has been one of the first in history to accept payment for his electric car via Crypto currencies, initially only in United States and then worldwide. He also acquired a huge amount of Bitcoin for the amount of 1,5 billion of dollars, to diversify his investment portfolio and incoming cash flow.


Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency: “a coin equal to regular money, and digitalized, based on cryptographic system for the transaction and for creation of the value”.A concrete reserve of value to avoid loss of value in time.

Life of BITCOIN: a brief story of Bitcoin evolution

More than 18 millions of Bitcoin are nowavailable on the market and around 640 million of transaction have been registered on Bitcoin blockchain. The invention of cryptocurrency has been published on 31st October 2008 by his creator Satoshi Nakamoto, as reserve of value generated by demand and offer.

The first attempt in creating a cryptocurrency was in 1992.On 3rd January 2009 the Bitcoin blockchain was created (BTC) and was launched the “BLOCK 0”. Any block was made by 50BTC). In January 2009 the first version of Client Bitcoin was created and during the same year the first transaction between Satoshi Nakamoto end the cryptographer Hal Finney was done. At that time the value was not converted in money.

The first payment was done on 22nd May 2010 for 2 Pizzas, at the rate of 10.000 Bitcoin (around 1 cent of Dollar per any single bitcoin at that time). The actual value of 10.000 bitcoin in 2010 would now be 570 million of dollars.

The first exchanges of bitcoin in dollars on exchange platform were registered in August 2010, thanks to the creation of the first Bitcoin Exchange (the Mt. Gox) at the value of 7 cents of dollars, during the first months.

In 2011 many companies started gradually to accept Bitcoin, rising the value of any single one over 1.000 dollars. During the week between 8th and 14th November 2021 the Bitcoin reached the highest value in history, of 68.692,14 dollars while the total Market Cap of all cryptocurrencies together is now over 3.000 billion of Dollars with an extraordinary fast increase, from 800 billions of dollars at the beginning of the year.

Here you can learn more about Bitcoin history.

How Bitcoin works

The first step is to create an online wallet, to collect cryptocurrencies; there are many online platforms specialized in Bitcoin exchange, because the Bitcoin is not stored in regular banks. The Bitcoin wallet can generate a special code, the “Bitcoin address”, to be shared to received payments form other wallets. When the bitcoin transaction has been done, a confirmation message named “mining” will be received in around 10 minutes.

Please contact us to get more information about Bitcoin Payment for Capasecca yacht services and we will be pleased to share with you information about our best products, such as the daily cruise, the luxury cruise and shore excursion, including an exclusive concierge service upon request, to plan a detailed holiday in style, comfort, relax, like in a luxury hotel.

On board luxury Capasecca Yacht the crew is well trained and their certificates of professionalism are internationally recognized, to grant every day the highest level of assistance for your family trip or during a quick elopement, to create unforgettable memories on board to bring home forever.

Here below some of the best Capasecca Luxury Yacht: Cerri 86, l’Aicon 72 SL, Sunseeker Predator 64, Conam 58 S, Azimut Atlantis 55 – My Silvana, Azimut Magellano 53, Rivarama 44, Gozzo 35.

All the yachts features comfortable internal and oper air areas, to enjoy the view of the sea, tasting local cuisine served by the chef on board, or drinking champagne overlooking the sunset.
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