Capri Hollywood Film Festival particolare dei Faraglioni di Capri. L'immagine mostra i famosi faraglioni di capri uno dei simboli dell'isola azzurra e dell'intera Italia.
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Capri Hollywood Film Festival: Capri’s dolce vita

Capri is magical in any season of the year; in December the isle is absolutely stunning.
Elegant at night, wearing a starred dress, starts to be the queen of the international jetset. The most important event is the Capri Hollywood Film Festival, the last great festival of the year, as defined by the Hollywood Reporter in 2019.

Capri Hollywood Film Festival: the event

The Capri Hollywood Film Festival is a yearly event, Pascal Vicedomini is the founder and organizer since 1995. From 25 years the event host even in winter, famous people, artists with the aim to celebrate the cinema and the most famous interpreters in the world.

A union between the territory and the cinema, mixing tourism and culture. To highlight the scenes and fascinate the audience, the isle of Capri is even more glamorous and ethereal, magnificent and joyful. Pascal Vicedomini in a previous interview declared: “The quality of your life also depends on the capacity of the artist to tell their stories through their imagination and complete liberty of expression”.

History of the Capri Hollywood Film Festival

The Capri Hollywood Film Festival was launched in 1995 thanks to the perception of Pascal Vicedomini, the organizer, in collaboration with the association “Istituto Capri nel MondoCapri In the World Institute” created by Mr. Vicedomini on the same year. His midsummer nightdream from Capri became reality.

Even for this occasion, the isle is one of the milestone destinations for the international star system. It was just missing a real proof of love from the jetsetter world. For this reason, the idea of an international film festival with the Faraglioni as background took place. From the far 1995 many Hollywood stars and Italian starts participate to the event.

Many of the most important actors and film directors have been awarded in Capri, with the occasion of the Capri Special Contest. The unforgettable nights in Capri, dancing under the stars, in a sophisticated environment and the pleasured to be together. The isle of Capri during the Film Festival looks like Via Veneto, the famous road in Rome, symbol of the Italian Dolcevita.

All the cinema stars left a part of their soul on the isle and they often return as soon as they can. You can discover the great names of the national and international jet set at the Capri Club of the Artists, a collection of the unforgettable protagonists and Capri Hollywood Film Festival lovers, since 1995.

Pascal Vicedomini: the founder of Capri and Hollywood

Pascal Vicedomini, is an Italian journalist born in Nocera Inferiore in province of Salerno in 1962, tv producer and organizer of many successful festivals.
Pascal is graduated in Politics and the first Tv appearance as sprot journalist was in 1986 during the world cup and again in 1990.

After that he started a brilliant carrier as manager at RAI; in the meantime, starts to create events and activities connected with the cinema. In 1995 launched the 1st edition of the Capri Hollywood Film Festival, followed by the Ischia Festival and the Capri Film Festival.
During the academy awards week, the Los Angeles Italia Film, the Fashion Festival and the Art Festival in Hollywood, launched in 2006.

Thanks to those festivals the international cinematography is directly connected with the Italian cinema and the event has a worldwide audience. Pascal Vicedomini is known as the person who bring Italy in the world; the bridge between Italy and Hollywood, a fore handing person able to valorize the potentiality of a promising territory.

Where the Capri Hollywood takes place: locations

The Capri Hollywood Film Festival take place in the most exclusive isle of Capri in the Amalfi Coast in Italy, also known as the “Blue Island”. An exceptional location for a such important event.
Everybody has dreamed, at least once in his life, to visit the isle of Capri. “A mythical place where the nature meets the beauty“, as Raffaele la Capria, one of the most important Italian from ‘900 writer, said.

Some of the most symbolic places in the world let themselves be loved not only for the beauty of the landscape or for their heritage, but also for the various human figures who lived there in the ancient times. In Capri it is like sentiments and sensations comes from the ground, enriched by new thoughts from other souls.

The Capri Holliwood has been organized for ages in the Congress Room in Capri, just two steps far from the famous “Piazzetta”. Some of the events have been celebrated at the Cinema Apollo in Anacapri and at the International Cinema where so far, the movies are shown.

Some of the event also took places at the Certosa di San Giacomo, built in 1371. The Museo Casa Rossa in Anacapri is the place dedicated to the exhibitions. The 25th edition celebrated this year, on a very special basis, will take place online and will be accessible online on “MyMovies” channel.

When does the Capri Hollywood Film Festival take place

The Capri Hollywood Film Festival take place between the 26th December and the 2nd of January every year. All those days are dedicated to the international art of Cinema. The event opens the season of the greatest event in the field of cinema, such as: the Oscar Night, the Golden Globe Awards, the BAFTA, the Venezia Film Festival, or the Festival in Cannes. Discover the Capri Film Festival program 2020/2021 edition.

The isle of Capri have to be savored living like a real star, from sea level, exploring secluded places, sipping icy champagne, together with few real friends.
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