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  • December 20, 2021
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Christmas time in Sorrento

A very interesting series of events will take place during Christmas time in Sorrento this year.

Christmas time in Sorrento

The magical Christmas atmosphere involves the city of Sorrento warming up our hearts with lights, colors and positive feelings.

Looking for the best location where to spend Christmas time, the town of Sorrento offer nice decorated roads, Christmas markets, shopping roads where to collect the best gift to place underneath the Christmas tree.

The Amalfi Coast hosts visitors in December, offering a nice calendar, rich of dates and special occasions, being one of the preferred destination in South of Italy.

The city of Sorrento, overlooking the bay of Naples, is worldwide famous for the warm culture of hospitality, picturesque narrow roads, local artisans, vivid nature and great food from Mediterranean tradition.

Sorrento is the perfect gateway to spend Christmas time with your family and loved ones, surrounded by a beautiful, warm, fun atmosphere and the chance to follow many interesting activities and events.

What to do in Sorrento in December during Christmas time

The usual appointment with winter lights in Sorrento will take place between November 26 th and January 7 th at the city center and along the main roads.
Piazza Tasso host a magnificent Christmas tree full of lights, playing music all day long. Every week end a different puppet show. On 31 st December fireworks and Dj set all night long.

Corso Italia is the main road, connected with the historical center, where street artists use to exhibit. Between 3 rd December and 6 th of January don’t miss “Cafè Latino” to taste Christmas gourmet street food. The art of “Presepe Napoletano”, an artisanal representation of the nativity, can be admired in different places and churches in town.

Sorrento is very special all year long, but, especially in Christmas time, is even more magical. Spending Christmas holidays is Sorrento getting involved in his authentic traditions whith locals and tourists from all over the world is one of the best gift for you and for your family.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the most beautiful isles of the bay of Naples departing from Sorrento and reach Capri, Procida, capital of culture 2022 and Ischia, also famous for the natural hot spring overflowing from the ground and thermal SPA, where to enjoy body and soul treatments.

What to eat in Sorrento during Christmas Time: Typical Sorrentine Recipes

The local cuisine from Campania is made with local fresh ingredients available in the region. Following the family traditions, salty and sweet recipes are part of a very special holiday. A very large choice of food is available at any corner in town.

From the most famous “Spaghetti with fresh clams” or with “Alici” the local sardines, or the “Gnocchi alla Sorrentina” (soft potato dumplings served with Mozzarella and tomato sauce), or baked pasta combined with various ingredients.

As main courses, the unmissable cod with cherry tomatoes, capers, black olives, or the wild turkey filled with meet, cheese, nuts and raisins. A selection of cheeses, (Mozzarella is the most famous) and local cured meats and many vegetables prepares in different sauces and styles.

Typical Christmas sweets are the “Struffoli” served with honey and candies, the “mustacciuoli” or “Zeppole” also known as “scauratielli”, cooked in flavored water and covered by sugar or with honey.

The fried “Sospiri”, accompanied by caramelized orange slices, or the almond desserts from the kingdom of Ferdinando IV, the “Roccocò”, hard donuts made with almonds, the “Susamielli” with their typical S shape, made with flour and honey, and the popular nougat with almonds, nuts, honey, sugar.

All those specialties can be accompanied by local Limoncello made exclusively with gold lemons from Sorrento’s hills.

How to reach Sorrento

Useful travel tips for reaching Sorrento and visiting the Amalfi Coast. It is possible to reach Sorrento by flight, train or by car. Reaching Sorrento by flight is very easy, landing in Napoli Capodichino International Airport, only 45 min far from Sorrento city centre.

A private transfer or a rented car, to run few kilometers on a nice highway (A2), turn right in Castellammare di Stabia, proceeding to “Penisola Sorrentina”. Almost the same route coming from South if Italy, taking the exit “Castellammare” and all way straight to Sorrento. The Extra urban road, the SS145 connect Sorrento with the Amalfi Coast.

Train is a valid alternative, departing from Garibaldi Train Station, the main one in Naples, on Circumvesuviana, taking around 1 hour to connect Naples with Sorrento, via Pompeii.

From Rome a nice bus service from Tiburtina station to Sorrento take around 3 hours. To be independent and reach any place, renting a car is one of the best solutions. Parking in town has an average cost of 2 Euro per hour.

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