• December 10, 2019
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“Cinematography Sorrento” is the title of the exhibition dedicated to theCinema, which will take place from 30 November 2019 to 12 January 2020 at Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento.

The expo, full of images of the Italian and international art house cinema, will be arranged as follows: on the ground floor it will be possible to admire some posters of films from the Spagnolo – Palermo collection, a valuable compilation to taste and appreciate its details.
On the first floor, instead,the “Beyond the screen” area, you’ll be able to contemplate the originality and perfection of as many as 50 shots of Cinzia Carmelo; one of the official photographers of the Venice Film Festival.
Finally, on the Second Floor, the area called “Behind the Scenes Federico Fellini in the shots of Patrizia Mannajuolo” will show 60 photographs, taken behind the scenes of the film “The city of women” in which myths of cinema such as Marcello Mastroianni and Giulietta Masina have been immortalized.

During this event, a couple of days will be focused on the projection of short scenes of famed films and on the “About Sorrento” photographic contest. This last project has been proposed by a team of young people; the 12 winner shots will be inserted into an evocative calendar in order to celebrate this land so thriving and scenic.