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Grand Finale of the Ravello Festival 2019 with the Choir Festival

This extraordinary event will take place in the Cathedral of Ravello; it includes the performance of the ARCC Choir and the Campanian Youth Choir.

The planned date is October 20th in the Cathedral of Ravello at 7.00 pm. The exhibitions will present pieces of sacred and profane polyphony. In the magical Cathedral, the notes of these melodies will resound as never before, the entrance is free, it’s a special opportunity to enjoy moments and melodies of extraordinary beauty.

The Festival, its roots & history

The current Festival is the result of several years of experience; this make it one of the oldest and most important of the Italian scenario. It was created to give a chance to Campanianart, talent and culture; it makes way to music that offers a “Vibrant image of Naples and the whole region … the exhibition of a country that has an important tradition, but continues to produce culture and proposes it proudly” thus defined by Mauro Felicori (Commissioner of the Ravello Foundation) and Rosanna Purchia (Superintendent of the Teatro di San Carlo).

The Ravello Festival 2019

During the last months, about 13 symphonic concerts, seven “Midnight” chamber concerts and nine other concerts, in different places,filled the air and the Season with timeless sounds and harmonies.

But the characteristic that distinguishes the Ravello Festival from many other events is the multidisciplinary soul. In fact The Festival is interspersed with scientific performances that give a scent of fusion between art and culture. The finalgoal is to make an enlarged theater for artistic disciplines and culture in a broad sense of the term.

Visiting Ravello during this event isthe right occasion to taste its beauty, discover its treasures, monuments, nature and flavors of this wonderful corner of “The Bel Paese”.

Which better way to explore its wonders if not through one of our Excursions.

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