Isola Li Galli l'immagine mostra l'isola vista dall'alto dove ricorda la sagoma di un delfino nel blu del mare
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Li Galli Isles: Where are the isles, who is the owner, how to get there

The small archipelago of three little isles is one of the very few in the world still pure and respected by the humans. A corner of land suspended by sky and sea, where you can look at the infinite horizon and lose yourself in the Mediterranean beauty. The isles were well known for their beauty since the roman age, and we are now sharing the scent of those isles, visited every year by the international jet set, looking for an oasis of peace surrounded by the blue waters, far from prying eyes.

Li Galli Isle: where is located

Li Galli Isle is not just an islebut a group of three luxuriant rocks, in a marine protected reserve, not far from the Sorrentine Peninsula. The round one is also known as “La Rotonda”, the main one which is named “Il Gallo Lungo”, and the third one, “La Castelluccia”, famous because was inhabited by pirates in ancient ages. Generally, talking about the Galli Isles, locals refers to the homonymous archipelago.
The main isle, “Il Gallo Lungo” is around 100 meters large and 400 meters long, showing a dolphin shape, if seen by the sky. As well many wales and dolphins use to pass close to the costs of the isles during the time of migrations.

The origin of the name “Li Galli”

The origin of the name is directly connected with the Greek myth of the sirens.
Greek legends and epic poems says that the Sirens (from “Sirenai or Sireneuse” that means siren’s place) used to live around the isles. Greek sailors used to describe the sirens as mythological creatures with female face and rapacious body. From here the connection with the word “Galli” that indicate a specie of rapacious birds, translated “Li Galli”. Those creatures were know as a big danger for sailor, as they used to attack the ships and kill the crew.

In the middle between legends and reality, the presence of marine currents and winds and rocks around the isle, able to destroy the deep keel of the ancient Greek wooden sailing vessels and the song of the birds heard around the islands. Until the first part of the 20th century the isle were not populated and mostly wild; only visited by locals for catching local fauna and Mediterranean plants. From the last 50 years the isles have been worldwide recognized from the international jet set as a milestone place to visit during a luxury holiday between Capri and Amalfi Coast.

Li Galli Isles: The actual owner

From 1920 the isle is one of the most exclusive property in the world. Many famous owners have been living on the isle during the last 100 years. Every one of them contribute to make the isles great as they are now, involved in a magical environment, embraced by eternal beauty.

In 1924, the owner of Li Galli Isles become Leonid Fedorovič Mjasin, aRussian dancer and choreographer, willing to create an artistic center, to unlock his creativity. Unfortunately, the ambitious project never gets results, and a magnificent villa was built on the ruins of the older sites. Villa Grande, also known as “Villa Massine”, is surrounded by Mediterranean wild nature and rest of roman ruins. The famous French architect Le Corbusier was invited at Li Galli isles to collaborate at the project.

From 1989 the archipelago was purchased by Rudolf Nureyev, another famous Russian cancer that modify the project of the villa, and restoring an ancient roman fort to create a ballroom for his private exhibitions. After 1993, when Nureyev died, Li Galli was bought by “Li Galli di Giovanni Russo & C snc” di Giovanni Russo e Francesco Savarese. From 2004 the real owner is Giovanni Russo, a Sorrentine businessman from 1941, living in London. Mr. Giovanni Russo “De Li Galli” is a very important person here on the Amalfi Coast, as he opened many of the best hotels in the region.

Visit Li Galli Isles

This secluded corner of untouched paradise deserves a visit. On the isle there is an untouchable atmosphere of calm and serenity, surrounded by peace and the unique vivid natural beauty of the Mediterranean coastline. All year long the weather is calm, and is possible to rent one of the isles for a very exclusive vacation, sleeping in one of the various luxury villas or for an event, a private party, a special dinner. Various swimming pools are around the isle, as well a private heliport.

How to reach the isle of Li Galli: Private yachts and transfer service

The Archipelago of Li Galli and the marvelous marine protected areas along the coast are only reachable by water, renting a private yacht.

Capasecca Luxury Yacht in Sorrento offers integrated transfer services with the main cruise companies to live the emotion of a private tour at Li Galli Isles and around the most beautiful places along the Amalfi Coast, such as Capri, Positano, Ischia and Procida, in relax, comfort and maximum safety.

A magical experience to live together with the loved ones, adding an outstanding lunch at sea level or on board Capasecca Yachts, a wonderful drink at sunset, with ocean view, at one of the most magical place in the world, li Galli Isle.