Rolex Capri Sailing Week l'immagine mostra un'inquadratura dei faraglioni di Capri da una delle barche di Capasecca Luxury Yacht Capri location prescelta per l'evento. Rolex Capri Sailing Week The image shows a shot of the Faraglioni of Capri from one of the boats of Capasecca Luxury Yacht Capri chosen location for the event.
  • January 14, 2021
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Rolex Capri Sailing Week 2021: The most important sailing challenge in Mediterranean Sea

The Rolex Capri Sailing Week is the most important and most exclusive appointment on the Mediterranean Sea for sailing. Thousands of sails from all over the world run around the bay of Naples during this week. The event is dedicated to professional sailor and beginners, younger and older people.
During the week you can feel the air of freedom, adrenaline and challenge, surrounded by the incredible landscapes of the bay of Naples.

Which event in calendar during the Rolex Sailing Week?

All the sailors from all over the world are excited to join the Rolex sailing week that generally take place in May or June every year and offer an intense calendar of event with many international participants in the bay of Naples. This is because this sport offers to everybody the possibility to participate to the event or simply admire the competition, valuing and dreaming about this amazing sport.

There are three main races, alternated during the Rolex Capri Sailing Week:

  • Maxi Yacht Capri Trophy
  • Historical “Regata tre Golfi” (3 Guldfs race)
  • ORC European Championship

Here for you the Notice of Race.

When the Rolex Sailing Week will take place in 2021?

The Rolex Capri Sailing Week generally last one week, as you can imagine.
Considering that the event has been cancelled in 2020, this year it will last 10 days, and will starts on 10th May ending on the 20th of the same month. In this way it will be possible to accept a larger number of boats in the port of Capri, offering to anyone the chance to take part to the event.
The participants from the previous editions are already in the list and new sailors will subscribe for this year. You can view the participant to the 2021 edition.

Maxi Yacht Trophy is the first event of the sailing week and will take place on May 10th 2021.
The competition will go ahead with the “Regata tre Golfi (Three Gulfs Race) in program on the 15th of May at midnight, from the port of Naples. The final event will be the ORC European Championship. The traditional award ceremony will be celebrated in the main “Piazzetta” di Capri, with a very warm and enthusiastic participation of the crew, the main authorities, locals, and people passionate with the world of sailing.

Maxi Yacht Capri Trophy

The Maxi Yacht Capri Trophy is the Rolex Capri Sailing Week race only for invited sailors.
Only 30 yachts with a minimum length of 18,29 meters can join the race (the measure has been determined in compliance with the LH, as per ISO 866CE).
The most beautiful boats in the world use to be invited to subscribe in the competition to enchant the eyes of the lucky spectators. The Mylius Cup is also part of the Maxi Yacht Capri Trophy, only reserved for yachts from the shipyard Mylius.

Here for you the official form to participate to the Rolex Capri Sailing Week – Maxi Yacht Capri Trophy.

The “Regata tre Golfi”

Only added from few years in the official program of the Rolex Sailing Week, the “Regata tre Golfi” is one of the hardest challenges in the Mediterranean sea.
The first edition of the “Regata tre Golfi” was in 1954, when the boat “Miranda III, Y.C.C. Savoia won.
The competition is also open to vintage boat to celebrate a glorious past and the main protagonists.

The departure is from the ancient village in “Santa Lucia” in Naples, surrounded by the sparkling lights of the city twinkling on the water. The first direction to follow is Ponza, in the bay of Gaeta, around 150 miles far. The second place to reach is the little archipelago known as “Li Galli Isles” in the bay of Salerno, then the Blue Grotto in Capri is the place where to cut the finish line.
Here you can download the official subscribing form for the Rolex Sailing Week – Three Gulfs Race.

ORC European Championship

The ORC European Championship generally host around 70 boats. In 2021 we will have more than 100 yachts. The race will start on 15th of May with the “Regata tre Golfi” (from 15th to 17th of May) with the open sea challenge. It continues on 18th May and on 19th May to end in Capri on the 20th of May.
Here for you the official form to subscribe to the ORC European Challenge, during the Rolex Sailing Week. The final list of the participants will be published on 22nd March 2021.

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